Riding Las Mesas


Alfonso Lopez de Carrizosa

«My name is Alfonso Lopez de Carrizosa and I am the founder of Alcantara Ecuestre. Riding on our estate you will find yourself surrounded by bulls, rabbits, partridges, owls, eagles, roe deer and vast areas of wheat, cotton, olive trees and sunflowers. And, of course, the vineyards of the famous winery Lustau. Our family has always been important to the horse culture of Jerez, the Spanish Riding School was started by my relative Álvaro Domecq Romero and the first breeding of the Andalusian horse was conducted on our private property Salto al Cielo. We have more than 50 horses, suitable for all levels, and train clients in all disciplines of riding, especially dressage and doma vaquera (Andalusian dressage). We offer focused lessons inside the arena and beautiful hacks on our land. My family have around 3.000 hectares of land, perfect for exciting canters on a wide range of routes. Some clients are even allowed a private tour of Spain's first bullfighter ring dating back to 1797 which is located on our farm - as is the world’s oldest sherry dating back to the 1730s.»

our rIding weekends

AVAILABLE: Horse+Riding+Yoga long weekend - 16-20 November 2017

At regular intervals during the year, we arrange all-inclusive horse&riding retreats. These long weekends usually start on Thursdays and end on Monday mornings. The whole weekend, you are catered to and accompanied by an expert guide in equestrian history and Jerez connoisseur, making the horse&riding weekends a “best-of” introduction to the horse capital of Spain, Jerez de la Frontera. The long weekend consists of riding every day with Alfonso Lopez de Carrizosa, exclusive excursions, accommodation at Las Mesas, lectures and/or film, the best food&wine and much more. Send an enquiry to ridinglasmesas@gmail.com to find out about dates and availability.

The lake trip

(1-2 hours) 

A nice hack to our private lake, through the forest, past the beautiful ruins of our guardian house ver the fields and back to the stable. Perfect for all levels. Get a feel of riding in the country side. Possibilities for fast canters for the more experienced riders.


The Fort in the forest

We ride through beautiful cork tree forests, between out price-winning Limousine cattle and around our forest house, El Encinar where we have the possibility to set up a lovely lunch inside or outside.

The Arabian and Andalusian of the Spanish Military

We ride across the fields to our neighbor farm, which belongs to the Spanish military. This is where they breed the pure Arabians and the pure Andalusian horses. Up to 100 horses will come to greet us by the gates as we pass. Especially beautiful in the spring when the foals take their first sprints across the land. This is a good ride for controlled canters and maybe a final race up the hill and back to the stables. Perfect for intermediate riders and up.

The Sunset of Salto al Cielo

Our most iconic ride goes from our stable through the sunflower fields, the roe deer and partridge land and to the highest point of our property. From here you can take in the view of our main estate Salto al Cielo. Salto al Cielo translates to «jump to the heaven» as this was where the world renown monks of the Carthusian monastery of Jerez would come to live their final days before going to heaven. It’s a sincere and tranquil paradise with a historical church dating back to the 17th century as a majestic centerpiece. This is the very heart of the Lopez de Carrizosa family, and where the first breeding of the Andalucian horse was conducted. Some clients are even allowed a private tour of the world's first bullfighter ring dating back to 1789 which is located on our unique property.

Included in the lunch/dinner ride is a visit to our private bodega, home to the world’s oldest sherry - dating back to 1730…!

This ride can be done with all levels of riders, but we recommend it from intermediate and up - and always during sunset or sunrise.

The sherry ride

Feel like a proper Jerezano as you canter between the sherry grapes that becomes the wines of our award-winning vinery Lustau. An exciting hack with a lot of different scenery often interacting with live stocks and occasionally a wild boar or two. Suitable for all levels.

Riding with the bulls

Possibly our most exiting and challenging ride. Many times during a season of 1000 kilo limousin cattle must be driven by horse to new grassing areas. This unique day will include a one hour instruction on how to properly drive the cattle. Then we will locate and control the herd before we move them like proper Vaqueros to their new grassing land. And amazing experience with a lot of adrenaline and action. Intermediate and up.

Bar to Bar on horseback

We start the day with a ice cold glass of our family sherry, before we venture out for a hunt of the locals bars. On our property there are several illegal bars which offer cold beers before we finish off at my father’s favorite haunt - Venta Gabriel. Suitable for all levels, but 18 years and a certain resistance to alcohol is recommended.

Overnight ride to historical Las Mesas

Only available for guests staying at our family farm Las Mesas. We ride across the fields to our neighbor farm, which belongs to the Spanish military. This is where they breed the pure Arabians and the pure Andalusian horses. Up to 100 horses will come to greet us by the gates as we pass. Especially beautiful in the spring when the foals take their first sprints across the land. After a quick break we continue over the rolling hills to the beautiful farm Las Mesas dating back to 1590 where we will use their stables for the night. In the morning we saddle up again for an event-filled ride full of long beautiful canters back to Alcantara. Perfect for intermediate riders and up.