«An amazing location. We shot several fashion editorials on the farm alone. Such a special place, with a peace you can’t find anywhere else. The horses, the fields, the quiet, the history – living in the Lopez de Carrizosa family’s historic hunting estate is the closest one can get to taking a time capsule. What an adventure!»

Petra Middelton
Fashion Editor, Elle


«What a fabulous place – the only downside is having to leave. World class hospitality – and let me also mention that I have never slept better anywhere in the world. Thank you for giving us access to the inner workings of Jerez and Andalucía, it really was like travelling back in time»

Vanessa Rudjord,

«Magnus and Chanel have breathed such life into the beautiful cortijo Las Mesas, where you are guaranteed the most relaxed, yet exciting and decadent house party»

Ari Behn,
author and former prince of NorwaY

«A yoga travel to southern Spain with wildly beautiful horseback rides sure is idyllic, but it won’t take long before you break a sweat»

Kamille Puls,
women’s magazine