The Suite
(72 sqm)

A beautiful, spacious suite with a double bed and private bathroom. Bath tub. Private living room with the possibility of utilizing the sleeper sofa for the kids. Private entrance to the pool area and views to the courtyard.

The horse room has a private bathroom in white marble and views to the courtyard. Double beds, high ceilings.

A mini-suite dedicated to bullfighting with views to the courtyard. Richly decorated with the theme of toros and toreros. Private bathroom in white marble. Two beds, high ceilings.

Dedicated to the flourishing bird life in the area. Double beds, high ceiling. Shares a bathroom with Diana. Situated in a private part of the cortijo, a combination of Diana & Rocio is ideal for families or small group who wants to stay together.

A room dedicated to soothing landscapes of Southern Spain. Double beds, high ceilings. Shares a bathroom with Rocio. Situated in a private part of the cortijo, a combination of Diana & Rocio is ideal for families or small group who wants to stay together.

A room devoted to flowers and plants with views to the courtyard. Two beds, high ceilings. Shares a bathroom with Mamen.

The Africa room have vintage treasures gathered on the hosts’ frequent trips to Cairo, Morocco and wedding in Zanzibar. Views to the courtyard. Two beds, high ceilings. Shares a bathroom with Fernanda.


The Garden Suite
(44 sqm)

A unique suite with view of the pool and the rolling hills. Freestanding bathtub, double showers, ensuite bathroom and lovely decor makes this room a favourite among the returning guests.

The Guard Room

A large bedroom with ensuite bathroom and lovely views of the garden complemented with antique doors and furniture.

The Pilot Room

Decorated with photos of old planes and a great view of the courtyard. Shares a bathroom with The Hunter Room. A/C.

The Hunter Room

Decorated with vintage photos of animals gives this room a tropic feel, complemented with the lovely garden view. Shares a bathroom with The Hunter Room. A/C.

Breakfast is not included in the price, but we can add this service if you notify it previously.
Breakfast would be served  between 8 and 11am, in the dining hall or on the patio. Freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit (seasonal), coffee, tea, cereals, ham, jam, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, bread and cheese