«Whether young, old or very old, sick or debilitated, one who is vigilant attains success in all the yogas, by means of practice.»

Hatha yoga Pradipika

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Yoga + Horse Long Weekend - September 5-9
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Chanel Banoza

Chanel grew up in Los Angeles, then she toured the world as a singer before love brought her to Jerez de la Frontera. She has practised yoga for more than 15 years and is a certified yoga teacher. She is passionate about healthy living and her retreats at Las Mesas has garnered press coverage across the world with her unique mix of horseback riding and yoga. The owner of Las Mesas, Chanel has refitted the farm to make it her prefect space for relaxation.


Vibeke Klemetsen

The renown yoga teacher have practised for more than 20 years, and teached for the last 12. Vibeke is passionate about healthy living and performs popular retreats all over the world with her life’s passion. A published author, she does frequent tv-appearences and has a big following on social media.

A unique yoga & horse riding experience in beautiful Andalusia. Two educational yoga sessions daily, riding lessons, country side rides & healthy eating.


Mia Eckhoff

Something of a rennaisance women, Eckhoff is a yoga instructor and competition rider, educated nutritionist and personal trainer. A lover of food and health life choices, she has her own food and training column in ShapeUp Magazine.